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At the core of our work is a firm belief in the value of education. Tekera Primary School and Tekera Vocational School are the manifestation of this belief. As one of the top performing schools in the Masaka district, we now have dormitories for our students to save them the 5-mile walk which many navigate.

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A community is only as healthy as its citizens, which is why ICEF Canada and the Tekera Resource Centre put such value on public health. The Tekera Health Clinic Level II has been open for 8 years, providing accessible healthcare to Tekera Village and an outreach program to the surrounding communities, catering to 8000 people.

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Economic Empowerment

Empowering the citizens to access the markets of Masaka town and even international markets has been a fundamental part of our work. Poverty reduction comes from within. Driven by individual agency and the Tekera Resource Centre community, the two work in conjunction toward creating a self-sustaining entity.

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A holistic community approach

With the goal of TRC’s longevity being of highest priority, ICEF’s mandate is to provide the Centre with the support the community requires. The needs have been: the provision of quality health care, education standards, drinking water and sustainable income opportunities for men and women. Too many development projects run their 3-5 year mandate and then move along. Our goal is to push far beyond cyclical development and establish a lasting partnership, resulting in self-sustainability. Issues of health, gender justice, education, income equity and poverty relief are implicit in maintaining this ideal. Tekera Resource Centre opened its doors in 2006 and is already 1/3 self-sustaining! The Nazareth Children’s Home is primarily supported by international NGOs. However, ICEF Canada has undertaken to offer assistance (specifically with food and medical care) for the orphans living there, as well as support/guidance for the two devoted live-in housemothers, Carol and Sister Eva. As of January 13, 2011, ICEF Canada became a registered Society (S-57702) under the British Columbia Society’s Act. We are hoping our charitable status will be approved in 2017.

  • ICEF Canada believes in 100% transparency at all levels. This commitment is reflected in our regular financial reporting as well as in the diligence the team in Uganda exercises in accounting for every outlay/payment. Our financials are readily available to donors.

  • At ICEF Canada we believe that solutions come from within. Community participation and feedback is essential to our work. No decisions are made without the input of those on the ground at TRC and the Ugandan community it serves. To this end, over 90% of the staff at the Tekera Resource Centre is from the Masaka district, and 100% of the 30-person staff is Ugandan.

  • ICEF Canada is volunteer driven. Since 2008 the Board of Directors have made great sacrifices to ensure the sustainability of Tekera Resource Centre. Most of the Board has visited or lived at TRC and are sincerely invested in its future. With this intention, overhead remains under 1%.

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